I’m Duck Down staff even when I’m by myself

I’m Boot Camp Clik even when I’m by myelf

I’m Fab 5 even when I’m by myself

I’m O.G.C. even when I’m by myself


Galcher Lustwerk - 100% Galcher

Galcher Lustwerk was recently given the award for best single of 2013 (link) and I recommend anyone who is into electronic music to listen to this.

It’s a really chill mix to have going in the background and Galcher has undoubtedly one of the chillest voices and flows out there (he starts singing at 4:30).

Turns out he also won best mix of 2013 (link) which just so happens to be this mix. You’re welcome

(via heltah-skelta)


One of my favourite labels at the moment constently pushing the boundaries of electronic music

Move D - Haheessh
All day.

Mousse T. - Horny (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Just 17 Mix)

If you aren’t into house music, click here and if you still don’t like what you hear you are welcome to unfollow me.  

Omar S - The Shit Baby (CP-1 played by D.Taylor)

This song goes from G to club to funky fresh piano in the span of less than 2 minutes. And it sounds phenomenal.

Christina Aguilera - Genie In a Bottle (Shlohmo mix)

Ma man biggie

Dj Screw - My Mind Went Blank

Pass me the j


Galcher Lustwerk - Leisure (2013)

Ridin in the drop-top
Countin all mah guap